Business Banking

Manage your business finances on the go. Connect Novo to your tools, send invoices, pay, get paid, and much more.

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Apply for your account in minutes

"Time is money," and we want you to keep it. Skip the line at the bank, and set up an account on your favorite device.

Account with immediate access

Get immediate access to your funds with The Novo Virtual Card

Activate your virtual card through the app and spend funds online or through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay before you receive your physical debit card.

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Send invoices, track them, and get paid on your terms

  1. Create and send personalized and professional invoices in seconds
  2. Send an unlimited number of invoices free of charge
  3. Connect to our Stripe, Square, and PayPal integrations to get paid your way
  4. Accept ACH and check payments and avoid transaction fees


Set aside money with Novo Reserves

Novo Reserves allow you to set aside funds for taxes, profit, payroll, and other large business expenses.

  1. Easily manage multiple budgets with up to 10 Reserves
  2. Send funds into and out of your Reserves
  3. Automatically allocate income to selected Reserves
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stripe integration


The world’s best Stripe integration for your business

  1. Deep integrations as a Stripe Verified Partner
  2. See your Stripe balances right in your Novo account
  3. Get $20,000 in fee-free processing when you sign up for Stripe
  4. Receive your Stripe payouts up to 95% faster
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novo boost

Move money faster, and give your cash flow a boost

Get paid faster at no cost with Novo Boost. Access your revenue in hours instead of days so you can quickly reinvest for growth and pay yourself, your team, and your vendors.

Novo Boost is currently only available for payments processed via Stripe.



Transfer funds to Novo

Link your other bank accounts to Novo for seamless transfers.

  1. Easily transfer money in or out of Novo from any device
  2. No minimum deposit
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MRDC devices

checks deposit

Deposit checks in a snap

Remote check deposit allows you to deposit a check directly from your phone.

  1. Unlimited check deposits, always free of charge
  2. Deposit a check in seconds by taking a photo


Send payments directly from Novo

Make payments in the US and internationally.

  1. Send ACHs and paper checks without any fees
  2. Send international transfers via Wise
  3. Unlimited free transactions within the US
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Accepted worldwide

Travel without limits. Your Novo debit card is EMV chip protected and accepted worldwide.

  1. Going abroad? Set a travel notice, pack your bags and your Novo card.
  2. Receive notifications for every transaction
  3. Withdraw money anywhere and get refunded on any ATM fees


Unlock your finances with Novo Apps

Find workflow solutions that work for your business in the Novo App Marketplace.

  1. Track your sales and balances across many payment platforms
  2. Send money overseas in 30 seconds
  3. Automatically sync transactions to your accounting software
  4. And much, much more

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Novo is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Middlesex Federal Savings, F.A.; Member FDIC.