hether you’re new to working from home or a seasoned remote worker, establishing a work-life balance can work wonders for your productivity and mental health. The pandemic has brought on times of uncertainty for all of us over the past two years and has had a profound impact on many areas of our lives. Perhaps you have begun to manage your business from home during the pandemic. Over the past two years, many companies and organizations have shifted to allow their employees to work from home indefinitely or more frequently. 

Although working from home full-time or even part of the week has many benefits and privileges, it can also be a huge adjustment and may lead to procrastination and a lack of productivity. With remote work a reality for many of business owners and freelancers, it's imperative to learn the best tips and tricks to make the most of your workdays at home. 

5 Tips for Working from Home

Create a Home Office 

Setting aside space for a home office remains one of the most successful elements to assure productivity when working remotely. Creating a dedicated workspace in your home allows you to establish a better mindset and boundaries related to space and work. Think of it like arriving at an office, where you switch to a work mentality: this is your place to be productive and do your job. The only difference is that your workspace is created within your home. Additionally, establishing a home office simplifies staying focused and avoiding distractions.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of creating an entire home office with a desk and other work-related objects. Even setting up your materials permanently on a section of your counter or any feasible space in your home will help you shift into the mindset that this is where you go to focus and be productive. 

Eliminate Distractions

Working from home has its perks and certain freedoms, like being in the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, that freedom also comes with more distractions. These distractions can range from other family members or pets to electronics, social media, house chores, and even eating. 

Having a home office will help with these distractions. However, eliminating distractions by setting boundaries prevents you from falling victim to diverted focus and procrastination. Some steps you can take to maximize your productivity include silencing your phone or social media notifications, or removing from your home office area anything that serves as temptations to distract you. Eliminating your distractions will allow you to be significantly more productive and effective at doing your job.

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Establish a Daily Routine 

They say that the way you start your day is how you’re going to live it, so practicing a productive and positive morning routine will improve your workday. Even though everyone has a different schedule or workload, starting your morning off right will ensure optimal productivity and set the tone for the rest of your day. 

A few ways to establish a productive morning routine can include setting a specific time to get out of bed, followed by tasks as simple as making your bed, changing out of your loungewear, or even going for a walk to get some fresh air. Start your day with activities you enjoy to set a positive tone for your workday at home while stimulating your mind: podcasts, meditation, or journaling are also excellent for this. Find what specific activities and habits that work for you. Establishing a healthy work-life balance from home is necessary to be productive and happy in your work environment. 

In addition to following a morning routine, create a work schedule. Be sure you set aside time for your specific work hours and sign off promptly at the end of the day to compartmentalize your work and personal life. Your health and wellbeing will flourish when you set boundaries like these, and you likely will find your productivity increasing. 

Use a Planner

Planning your days using a calendar or agenda can help you more effectively manage your time and meet deadlines. This act also goes hand in hand with generating to-do lists that will hold you responsible for promptly completing all of your tasks. It can be helpful to plan ahead each Sunday night by writing in your schedule what your week will look like or any known tasks and deadlines. You can even implement this tactic at the end of each workday to ensure you start the following day with clearer expectations for yourself. 

Working from home requires genuine discipline and time management, skills many of us struggle with even when in the office. That is why holding yourself accountable for your responsibilities and keeping your tasks organized are crucial to remaining productive at home. 

Schedule Breaks 

Taking breaks during the workday is necessary for your mental health and for preventing burnout. Most who work from home stare at a computer screen all day, abd most of us have also experienced “zoom fatigue.” Going for a walk outside or planning a workout during your lunch break can segment your day and stimulate your mind. 

Scheduling intervals to take a step out of your home office is necessary to keep your mind and body sharp on the job to deliver your best work. The Pomodoro technique advises setting a timer for 25 minutes of work, followed by a five-minute break. 

Scheduling breaks also serves as motivation to accomplish tasks and increase your productivity. Not all breaks look the same and can be anything that enables you to clear your head and take a step away. You can even use this time to briefly check your social media, make a cup of coffee, or listen to a podcast. 

The Takeaway

Adjusting to home work can either be a blessing or a curse, but just like most things, it will take practice and discipline to master. Combating procrastination, distractions, and burnout are factors we face in work-life balance, whether working in-person or from home. These tips can help transform your work-life balance, giving you a better opportunity to do your best work with a positive mindset and grow your business.

May 2, 2022
Notes by Novo