Notes by Novo

Notes by Novo

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as an Entrepreneur

Experiencing imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur? Here are four tips to combat the symptoms.
Notes by Novo

The Introvert’s Guide to Teamwork

Step into your power as an introvert with these effective tips and tricks. Excel at collaborative projects, whether you freelance or manage a larger business.
Notes by Novo

How to Stay Focused Working at Home

Whether you freelance or manage your business from home, these are the most effective tips for business owners to keep focused while working from home.
Notes by Novo

Our CEO Michael Rangel Interviews Kristelle Boulos

Originally published in Refresh Miami, our co-founder and CEO interviewed one of our own Novo users. Here are her five tips from one business owner to another.
Notes by Novo

The Self-Care Gift Guide for Small Business Owners

Be kind to yourself and set aside time to practice self-care. It’s essential for your well-being - and it can even boost your business success in the long run.
Notes by Novo

Look out for these 8 Small Businesses in 2022

We’re excited to share the top eight small businesses to keep an eye on in 2022. Check out important updates from these Novo users featuring their plans for rebranding, new products, growth, and more.
Notes by Novo

Apply for’s 2022 Co-op Business Accelerator Program!

One of our very own Novo users is here to help you scale your small business with the entrepreneurship resources and support you need for rapid growth. Check out this co-op startup accelerator!
Notes by Novo

How to Prioritize Your Workload

Being busy is simply not the same as being productive. Implement these priority strategies, to help get things done.

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